Quentin Bruno & Clé Hunnigan

Quentin Bruno & Clé Hunnigan


Quentin Bruno & Clé Hunnigan (Belgium)- Lost in the Jungle, 2015, 6:42
Over the past few weeks, Kid Lost have had the opportunity to explore one of Europe’s most famous refugee camps- The Jungle in Calais, France.
In one of the most disturbing humanitarian crises in the past century, the Kid Lost team are dedicated to giving you an insight into the human nature of the refugees in the camp, ensuring their stories dont go unheard.

Quentin Bruno
discovered photography at 18 years old in Canada. Upon returning to Belgium he became heavily involved with photographing the Belgian Hip Hop scene as well as refugees living in his home country. After two years he worked for a local newspaper whilst continuing to document the music scene in France and Belgium.

His decision to leave Belgium was fuelled by the development of the project Kid Lost, an online publication collaboration with fellow creative Clé Hunnigan, dedicated to covering the world refugee crisis. The blog is in the format of photos and stories which are focused on humanising the strangers they meet.

Clé Hunnigan
is a creative writer with a focus on poetry and scriptwriting but also has interests in journalism. He is an obsessive travelling explorer who loves meeting new people whilst documenting topics of culture and conflict. He is dedicated to relaying the human condition through short stories.

The pair have done work in Lebanon where Quentin stayed on for a year working alongside NGO’s and helping to document their work with Syrian refugees. The duo are currently re-united in Europe and documenting the European refugee crisis, with a focus on Calais.