Albert Merino

Albert Merino


Albert Merino (Spain) – Bestiary, 2018, 5:10
In Bestiary we observe a big city where all the human presence is replaced with animals. We associated these spaces to a human behaviour, but we can’t find this presence anywhere. Otherwise this space is not empty, is habited by the ‚other‘ and the unknown. That remains us a kind of postwar landscape or the result of a collapse… Images that we know for the imaginary of Mass Media and Cinema. Live goes on without any sing of destruction. The replacement of the human by the other ask us about the relation with the ‚other‘. The human being is showed by the absence establishing questions about a world without his presence, his traces and the border between humans and animals.

Albert Merino (Barcelona 1979)
is a video artist. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the universities of Barcelona and the KHB, and ‘ Meisterschuler ‘ by the ‚Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee’.

He uses the video as a vehicle of his work developing a wide visual imaginary with which he intervenes and transforms the Daily.

His work has been shown in a large number of international festivals and in institutions and museums as Arts Santa Monica (Barcelona), Palais de Tokyo, Acadèmie de France (Paris), Songwom Art Center (Seoul), MOCA (Taipei), or the Nam June Paik Art Center among others. Of its trajectory are noteworthy several individual and collective exhibitions or in art fairs like Los Angeles art fair, Beijing art fair, art Basel Hong Kong, or Arco (Madrid)

His work has been recognised with several international awards. He has also been an artist member of L’Academie de France à Madrid.